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Get better results from your aesthetic treatments with facial harmonization

Many years ago, I rented an apartment in Brazil which was not furnished to my style. It looked old-fashioned, while I prefer a more modern, minimalistic look.

Unfortunately, at that time, I didn’t have the budget to revamp the apartment in one go. So first, I refurbished the entrance hall, which was the first thing any visitors saw. Six months later I switched up one of the bedrooms.

And over time, I painted the walls… changed the flooring… and bought furniture I loved.

When I was done, the apartment looked beautiful. But during the process, some rooms looked fresh and new while others looked 20 years older. It was a confused mess!

There’s a lesson here that will help you get the best results from your aesthetic treatments.

Very often people come to Iluminance Skin Clinic, because they want to treat one specific area of their face.

For example, they might want fuller, softer lips.

The problem is that when you only treat one area in isolation, if you’re not careful, you can end up looking a bit unbalanced and unnatural.

So, you may get luscious lips. But if they’re out of proportion to the rest of your face, they’ll stand out – in a bad way. For example, lips that are way too big can draw attention to a small chin – or even make your chin look weaker, which is not the look our patients generally go for.

The mix of features won’t look right (a bit like my confused apartment…).

That’s why our expert injectors never look at one area of your face in isolation.

They always look at your entire face, and consider the overall effect.

How do we maintain balance and proportion? What do we need to do to make sure that the results look completely natural, so no one area appears dramatically different to the rest?

It’s one of the reasons why you should avoid, at all costs, cheap Botox and fillers from unqualified people… Or from friendly beauticians who have just been on an injectables course.

They might be able to give you pretty lips – or higher cheekbones or a more elegant jawline – but they are usually not looking at the whole picture.

That is an advanced skill, which you need to insist on, if you don’t want to look “done” or “worked on”.

If that’s the kind of responsible, holistic approach you’re interested in, book a “Facial Harmonization” consultation with us today.

Together, we’ll look at your facial features and discuss the results you want to achieve. Then we’ll consider the impact on your entire face – so that we can make sure you look natural, well-balanced and

your very best at all times.

Simply Whatsapp me on +351 961 334 646  to get in touch.



PS. Facial harmonization isn’t just about avoiding harm…

A “whole-face approach” is also the most effective way to achieve results you love.

We have a 3D imaging device which allows us to map out your features, and show you what you would look like if we gave you a different chin or nose…

…So we can work towards a look that feels good to you, and which utterly suits you.

In the meanwhile, to find out more about Facial Harmonization, get in touch with me today, by sending me a message via Whatsapp: +351 961 334 646.

We’re looking forward to helping you.


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